Buehler: Union. 1943

Fritz Bühler


Schweizerische Brikett-Import-Gesellschaft, Zürich, 1943

CHF 1660.–

Description: Publisher: Schweizerische Brikett-Import-Gesellschaft, Zürich, 1943. Printer: Wassermann, Basel. Technique: Lithography. Size: 127 × 90 cm (F4) – 50 × 35½ in.

Ref.: APG 1991, 41; eMuseum 06-0638; Tön apg_000643

Condition: An original poster in very good condition. Conserved and Japan backed. With some barely noticeable marginal closed tears. Otherwise, however, no noteworthy damage or at most slight signs of use commensurate with age. The colours are still deep and vibrant.

Notes: With the luminous coal briquette from 1943, Fritz Bühler created an icon of the Swiss poster. It was not until the 1950s and 1960s that oil and gas replaced coal as the preferred heating material in Switzerland. From today’s point of view, it seems astonishing that the poster is completely without text. But the embossed label on the briquette alone was enough at the time to identify the origin and quality of this consumer product.

Awards: The poster was awarded for outstanding design and print in the Swiss Poster of the Year competition.

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