Peter Baeder: Pig Bag. Sophisticated Boom Boom.

Peter Baeder

Pig Bag. Sophisticated Boom Boom.

Rote Fabrik, Zürich, 1982

CHF 120.–

Description: Publisher: Rote Fabrik, Zürich, 1982. Printer: Drucki Aarau. Technique: Colour offset. Size: 60 × 42 cm (A2) – 23½ × 16½ in.

Ref.: eMuseum 58-0273; Richter 2007, 83

Condition: An original poster in good condition. With some faint creases, a small missing part at the lower margin and abrasions in the upper right corner. But the design area is complete preserved. Not mounted.

Notes: This poster is a typical representative of the alternative culture of the 80s. The design elements are deliberately taken from printed matter of the capitalist consumer goods industry and reused as a photomontage for their own message. This culture of refusal towards the established consumer world is also evident in the fact that even the texts were not simply printed, but self-produced, cut out of paper. The posters and their visual language signalled the existence of other cultural designs beyond the mainstream in public space. These kinds of posters are rarely found today.

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