Lutz: Britische Sicht! 1988

Hans-Rudolf Lutz

Britische Sicht! Fotografie aus England. (The British View! Photography from England.)

Museum für Gestaltung, Zürich, 1988

CHF 120.–

Description: Set of four posters. Publisher: Museum für Gestaltung, Zürich, 1988. Printer: Hug & Söhne, Zürich. Technique: Colour offset. Size: 4 × 64 × 90 cm – 25¼ x 35½ in. (4 sheets, not mounted).

Ref.: eMuseum M-0529, M-0858, M-0859, M-0860

Condition: An original poster in very fine condition, with no significant or at most slight signs of use commensurate with its age, such as slight folds, tears or bubbles. Not mounted.

Notes: Four sheets for the exhibition ‘Britische Sicht!’ with photographs by Martin Parr, Boyd Webb, Graham Smith, Chris Killip. The posters are printed on two sides. Information about the photographs, the exhibition and the poster printing is printed on the reverse. Hans-Rudolf Lutz (1939–1998) designed the advertising campaign in such a way that the four pictures could be combined with each other in any way, thus creating ever new visual experiences. The information about the exhibition was pasted on an additional sheet (this sheet is absent). Lutz gained international recognition for his experimental typography and design concepts. But he is also the author and publisher of typographic writings and books. In addition to his own design studio, he was also a professor of typesetting at the Zurich School of Design for over thirty years.

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