Prospectus & Retrospectus of the Nonesuch Press Editions

[Nonesuch Press]

Prospectus & Retrospectus of the Nonesuch Press Editions.

Nonesuch Press, London, 1927

CHF 38.–

The prospectus announces ‘The life of William Blake’, Blake’s ‘Poetry and prose’, Blake’s ‘Pencil drawings’, ‘The life and adventures of Peter Porcupine’, ‘The New Testament’, ‘The Temple’, ‘The princess of Babylon’, ‘The seasons’, ‘A stitch in time’, ‘The divine comedy’, Vanbrugh’s ‘Works’, Pindar’s ‘Pythian odes’, and ‘The pilgrim's progress’. Retrospectus of limited editions and a list of unlimited editions including blank books. Extract from Stanley Morison’s ‘A review of recent typography’ (1927).

Description: Sewn plain paper doubled over wrappers. Quarto: 27 × 20 cm; pp. 23. With 4 headpieces by Percy Smith and the Nonesuch device Prospectus and retrospectus 1927 on front and back. Printed by R. & R. Clark in Caslon and Moreau-le-jeune open types on laid paper.

Enclosed: Addendum slip (13 × 9 cm) with details of price of Herbert’s The temple loosely laid in.

Ref.: Dreyfus: P14

Condition: Covers slightly soiled and browned at the edges. Internally somewhat browned at the page corners. Apart from this, however, the pages are clean and well preserved.

According to the age a good copy of a fragile and ephemeral production.

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